Monday, September 11, 2006


We Thought It Time For Us To Dare Try To Put Into Words
The Reasons Why We Believe The Word Muse, So Perfectly
Defines Your Purpose In Our Lives. And Why You Hold
Such A Precious And Ful-Filling Place In Our Hearts And

It Is Because You Chose To Embrace Our Music Over The Years
We Are Still Here Doing What We Love. It Is Through Your
Tireless Support And Encouraging Comments We See On Our Web-
Site Email, Hear Over The Phone Or In Person, That Nurtures Our Creative Thoughts And Warms Our Grateful Hearts.

And God Don’t Let Me Fail To Mention Our Annual Get Togethers
Year After Year, At Concerts Where Whispers Become Screams Flowing Like Water Falls Of Dreams Blessing Us With Ear Candy, Sweet Sounds Of Love Tugging At Our Heart Strings!

So Please Accept Our Deepest Gratitude, Undescribable Love And Respect For Each And Every One Of You!!!!!!!
You Are Gods Gift To Us. Of This We Are Certain!!!

Ps. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For Making Our New
Cd“ For Your Ears Only” An Increditable Success!!!!!!!

May God Bless You As Much As He Has Blessed Us With You!

The Whispers