Wednesday, December 27, 2006


There Are, Fathers And Grandfathers. Then There Is "The Godfather". Not The Father Of God, Because God Is Father To Himself. But The Godfather Of Soul "James Brown".

History Will Bare Witness To The Fact That On 05/03/33. Was Born Into The World Of Music A Child, Who Would Grow Up Who Stands Alone As "The Hardest Working Man In Show Business". For Over 50 Of His 73 Years Young Life, He Was Truly The "Master Of Funk".

It's Funny Though? When I Think Of Father, I Think Of My Dad. When I Think Of Grandfather, I Think Of My Father's Father. But When I Think Of Godfather I Must Admit I Don't Think Of Immediate Family Or That Dearly Loved, Christian, Family Friend, Who Sponsors A Child At Baptism. No! For Me, Godfather Is Synonymous With The One And Only King Of R&B; Mr James Brown.