Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Message to Sean Levert’s Family A Message to Sean Levert’s Family

We are deeply saddened by Sean’s sudden departure and we express our most sincere condolences to our dear friend Eddie and the Levert family. We will continue to pray for you with the understanding that the Lord has a reason for everything he does and this was Sean’s time to go home to a better place. He will always be remembered for the gifts he shared with us.
We hope that the Levert family finds the courage and determination to bear this irreparable loss by knowing that Sean is on an eternal journey with God where he is singing and praising with the heavenly angels and there is joy and peace in his heart.

The Whispers

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  1. Holiday Greetings to the Whispers,
    My name is Sheila, and pardon any typos as I don't have my glasses (over 40). I have been a fan since the 70's. My all time favorite is "Olivia". I last saw you all in concert in '99 maybe at VA State as I'm from Rich. I have been a musician since 3rd grade, my children are currently in the biz if you will. The Hip Hop artist is at myspace.com/aziatics, then I have a young extremely talented producer at home in VA. The purpose of my comment is to acknowledge that I was listening to xmas music on AOL.com radio and heard a xmas selection that I love that you do in 3/4 time. You mention your names and as many times and as many concerts that you introduced yourselves and I never connected Leavells' name with the similarity to my son's whose name is Le'Vell. HERE'S HOPING YOUR 2ßß9 XMAS SEASON IS BEAUTIFUL:::AND MAY YOU HAVE A HAPPY & BLESSED NEW YEAR!